Google+ Self Exam Doodles: 2011

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Social Networking

As the long process of doodling up all translated doodles continues, myself and TJ are having a lot of fun building up our facebook page for this site. At first we were reluctant to set one up, as we were not sure what the function of such a page would be. So far it has been great! So we have introduced a weekly doodle giveaway called 'Feel your boobies Friday', where one of our 'likers' gets randomly picked. We figured that this would be a cool way to reward our doodle cheerleaders and keep people interested in the project.

Both of us are active on twitter, especially me as @crpitt, but TJ @TJLubrano is catching up and getting into the twitter vibe. I have toyed around with setting up a twitter account for this site too, but not sure what value that would hold. Unless people would really like just a 'self exam doodles' twitter stream, rather than our mixed bag of wafflings? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Using Social Media to promote this project is definitely a learning experience, we want to keep people engaged in the project and have some fun.

Please 'Like' us on facebook! We are fickle beasts and like attention (also cookies), it motivates us to doodle more! Also 'share' us, we like to get around.... Hopefully around the world in doodle form I meant of course.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The French Connection

International Lady French FINAL CRPITT TJL
A Crpitt and TJ Lubrano collaboration

Bonjour! and with that my French capabilities run out..

This blog was always been about two things for me, raising the topic of body awareness and improving my doodle skills. My doodle mentor of sorts, TJ, has been a big fan of this project from the beginning and has already chipped in several times with an illustration of her own and providing the Dutch translations. Luckily for me, she is now an active part of this project and has spurred me on to try new things.

Chucking out the same doodles and adding the different translations was getting a tad boring for me. To be honest, I had started to notice some glaring errors in my doodles, that began to horrify me (slightly dramatic). So I thought to myself, why be precious about it? Just doodle them again. So I posed the idea to TJ about doing some international characters for each language and after a few back and to epic emails, we agreed on a plan. Each language would have its own special character and we would do a version each. Then I would use my character to redo each of the 'step by steps'. Its a win win situation for me, as I get much needed doodle practice AND I get to do some cool collaboration work with TJ. You can see the collaborative piece at the start of this blog post, which TJ pieced together using some photoshop magic.

I went away and  worked on the six characters that we already had translations for, which where English, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch and German. These where then used in the post 'International ladies coming soon'. TJ has now gone Freelance with her Illustration work, so she was very busy over the Christmas period, once that had quietened down, she picked the French lady to work on first. Once I knew this, I cracked on with doing the 'Step by Step' element, using my French character.

Replicating the character over the various steps, getting the colours right and all that fun stuff, was harder than I thought it would be, but fun still. I am learning new stuff all the time and it's really cool to see how these Breast self exam doodles are evolving with every new version.  So without further ado, please gaze at the French version of Breast Self Exam! (click the 'click here').

Voilà - Click here

If you know anyone French, who speak French, French bloggers etc etc. Please feel free to share the link with them, as that is who this version is for! Cheers/Merci :)

Breast Self Exam - Français

International Lady French FINAL CRPITT TJL

Welcome to the French version of the Breast Self Exam doodles:

Bienvenue sur la version française des croquis d'auto-examen des seins.

French lady step 1 text

french lady step 2 text

french lady step 3 text

french lady step 4 text

French lady step 5 text

Merci de votre visite et n'oubliez pas d'examiner régulièrement vos seins! Si quelque chose vous paraît anormal, parlez-en à votre médecin (ou à une infirmière).

Thanks for looking and please remember to check yourself regularly! If anything seems amiss please seek medical advice from a nurse or doctor.

Translations provided by numerous people, so thanks Harvey and Nicola! 
Independent French Canadian expert @Salomey5 stepped in and added extra words and checked that the right wiggly bits were there (accents).